3 Tips on How to Sell Your House in One Month in Greenville, South Carolina

3 Tips on How to Sell Your Home in One Month in Greenville, SC

Is it time to sell your house? Maybe you have a new job or you’re ready for a fresh start; either way, you’ll want to sell your home fast.

Keep reading to learn about our three essential tips that with help you sell your house in one month or less.

What You Need to Do to Sell Your House

One of the first things you should do before even listing your home on the market is clean and declutter. Start going through your things and packing up or throwing out the non-essentials. Once you’ve cleared out your home the best you can, you need it sparkling clean for showings and as a courtesy to the subsequent owners. Hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure that the job is done right, but you can always do it yourself.

As a precautionary measure, here are the things that homeowners often forget to clean:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Blinds
  • Windowsills
  • Carpets
  • The inside of cabinets
  • Baseboards

Pricing Your Home Correctly

When you’re starting to think about selling, you’re probably thinking of the next best way to get rid of your house. But there are certain things to think about before you put your house on the market. First, you should make sure your house is priced correctly to sell. There are quite a few factors to consider here. For example, you need to figure out the maximum market value of the home. But what you also need to know is how much you need to sell it for to get that maximum. Besides calculating your maximum, you also have to calculate your minimum. That’s because a seller will only be willing to sell a home at a price that’s within that range.

Choose Your Selling Strategy

When you’re trying to sell your house fast, there are a few options as to how you sell it. Here are the alternatives in order from slowest to fastest.

  1. Sell the house yourself – Many people are doing a “for sale by owner” to save on commissions and realtor fees, however, FSBOs often sit on the market for over a month.
  2. Choose a realtor –  A realtor is an excellent way to because they can devise a selling strategy and marketing plan that may get more people interested in your home. This is the traditional way of selling your home that most people gravitate towards because it feels safe.
  3. Sell the house for cash – Instead of hiring a realtor and paying commissions and fees, or doing a “for sale by owner,” consider selling your house for cash to a home buying company. These companies take homes as-is and since they are offering cash they can close much quicker than any other option, putting cash in your pocket in just a week.

Sell Your House to Clear Water Investing

If you’re ready to sell your house, look no further than Clear Water Investing. We buy homes as-is with cash, and we can even close on the sale in as little as a week! There are so many benefits to selling your house for cash, but the best one? You can sell your home so fast, you won’t even believe it? Ready to sell your Greenville, South Carolina home? What about a home in a surrounding area? Give us a call today to get your fair, no-obligation, all-cash offer today!

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