Are Cash Home Buyers a Legitimate Business?

Even though cash home buyers have been serving communities for decades, some people still wonder if it is a legitimate business. Maybe it seems too good to be true. Or maybe the fact that these businesses are mostly handled online makes people nervous. While there are certainly scams disguised as legitimate businesses, you can rest assured that home buying companies really are legit.

How it Works 

Cash home buying companies work on a simple business model. People who don’t want to or can’t sell their home the conventional way reach out to a home buying service. Typically, the company will want to review the details of the property, both with an online search and through a quick appointment. After reviewing the property, the home buying business will present a fair offer, in writing. The seller then chooses whether to accept the offer or not, with no obligation whatsoever. Finally, home buying services will close with you at a reputable title company. This can take as little as one week.

Why it Works

Home buying companies work because they fill an important need. In the past, people who couldn’t sell their home conventionally had to stay in a property that was no longer suitable for them, or they had to simply walk away from it. Now, people who are in a bind can turn to a cash home buyer. Furthermore, there used to be only one option–sell your home the traditional way. Now, people who don’t want to deal with the hassles of a conventional sale can choose an easier, quicker path. 

How to Know

It is important to learn the signs that a company really is a scam. First, there will likely be indications of unprofessionalism. This could be grammar or spelling errors, or no contact information. Second, they won’t show up on the Better Business Bureau website, or on the WHOIS database. Third, they typically ask you to send them money up front. With a legitimate home buying company, all cash flow will be headed in your direction. Fourth, they might ask for personal information, such as your social security number. Finally, companies that come to you are much more likely to be a scam than companies that require you to initiate contact. 

Fortunately, cash home buying companies are legit. They fulfill a needed service in society, and they can get you out of a real bind. It is always nice to know that you have choices. You can sell your home the traditional way, but you can also eliminate the hassle of it all with a home buying service. 

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