Are Commission Fees Involved in Cash Buying?

One of the best reasons to look into selling your home to a cash buyer is because you can avoid a lot of fees involved in conventional methods of home-selling. For example, you can avoid commission fees. Not having to pay excessive fees when selling your home can help save you money.

What is a Commission Fee?

A commission fee is a cut that you pay out to a third party. In traditional home-selling situations, you typically hire a realtor. From whatever money you make off of the house, a cut is taken out and paid to the realtor. This means that you don’t get the offer price in full. Your profit will be significantly lower than what you anticipated.

Reasons Why You Would Need a Realtor

When you sell your home using traditional methods, it is very important to have a realtor. A realtor helps you navigate the fluctuating housing market and assess different offers wisely. If you are new to home-selling or want the best value for your home when selling traditionally, it is wise to hire a skilled realtor. Without a realtor, selling your home traditionally would be much more time-consuming and stressful than it already is.

Selling to a Cash Buyer

When you sell to a cash buyer, however, you don’t always have to have a realtor. The process is very simple, so even first-time home-sellers can figure it out. Part of the reason why the process is so simple is that you don’t have to deal with multiple buyers and offers. When dealing with a cash buyer, you only deal with one buyer at a time. This means that you don’t need a realtor to help show and market your home to multiple buyers. You also don’t need a realtor to help you decide on offers from separate buyers. Because you don’t have to hire a realtor when selling to a cash buyer, you also don’t have to pay any commission fees.  

Commission fees can be very pesky. When using traditional methods to sell your home, commission fees can be nearly impossible to avoid. However, by selling to a cash buyer, you can handle the entire process on your own and don’t have to pay any commission fees.

If you are hoping to save money by not paying commission fees when selling your home, reach out to Clear Water Investing here today to learn more about selling for cash.

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