The 5 Best Tips to Photograph Your Home in Greenville County

For the best online listings, you’ll want to photograph your home and include pictures that show the best features of your house. Great pictures are more important than ever to today’s homebuyers, who are most likely to begin their search online. Not a professional photographer? Don’t worry, with our top tips you can vastly improve the quality of your photographs and help your Greenville County home stand out. 

  1.Take Straight Shots

If you’ve spent any time looking at real estate listings online, you’ve probably noticed a prolific amount of pictures featuring wide angle or fisheye lenses. While you definitely want to capture as much of the space as possible, using these types of angles can distort the image. This type of distortion can make a room appear much larger than it really is, or give the impression that the backyard extends for acres. Instead, focus on taking photographs that are as straight as possible. Use vertical and horizontal lines in the architecture of the room to line up your shot. 

  2.Use a Tripod

A tripod is absolutely essential when you photograph your home. Using this tool helps you take the most sharp, clear images of your house. You’ll also have an easier time capturing the best angles of each room, and you can use as long of an exposure as needed. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR, your pictures will benefit from using a tripod.

  3.Take Advantage of Natural Light

Whenever possible, be sure to use natural light when taking pictures of your house. Not only will this help show off all the windows in your home’s interior, but it will help your photos appear bright and airy. It will be easier to get the white balance right, resulting in truer colors. The best times of day to take advantage of natural light are in the early morning or late afternoon.

  4.Get Low

Most of us take pictures standing up straight, but this isn’t the best technique for interior shots. Instead of taking all your photos at eye level, try squatting or dropping a knee. The tripod comes in handy for keeping things stable, even if you’re taking a shot that is low to the ground. You can always use the self-timer and let the camera work its magic.

  5.Clean Your Lens

No matter what kind of camera you’re using, always take a moment to clean the lens. You can use a microfiber rag or the edge of your t-shirt to wipe away any smudges or dust. You’ll be amazed at how much the clarity of your pictures instantly improves.

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