What Cash Home Buying Companies Are Looking For

As with other transactions, when you sell your home, you are working with a buyer. For a buyer, especially a cash home buying company, to be interested in buying your property, the purchase must be beneficial for both parties. Knowing what a cash home buying company is looking for can help you predict if they will be willing to pay for your property.

Quick Timeline

Cash home buying companies are looking for properties that they can purchase, renovate or repair, and then rent out or resell as quickly as possible. By going through these steps in their process very quickly, they are able to efficiently make considerable profits off of properties. Cash home buying companies are so efficient that they can sometimes close on a deal within thirty days of first contacting the seller. If you are looking to sell your home quickly and are ready to swiftly negotiate and close on a deal, selling to a cash home buying company may be a great fit for you.

Easy to Fix Up

These cash home buying companies have considerable funds. This means that completing renovations and repairs is typically not a problem, at least financially, for them. However, depending on the severity of renovations and repairs that a property needs, these could take a long time to complete. Cash home buying companies do not necessarily want to spend lots of time on renovations and repairs since that is time that they could otherwise spend looking for new property or making profits. Thus, if your home is in need of major, time-consuming repairs, it might not be as desirable to cash home buying companies.


Overall, cash home buying companies want to buy properties that are of great value since that is what they can make a profit on in the future. A home’s value can come from its modernity, character, great location, or a combination of these and other important factors. In order to assess the value of your home, you can research the prices of comparable houses nearby.

Cash home buying companies tend to assess properties on a case-by-case basis to truly see what value a specific property has. However, they usually have a clear list of criteria they are looking for in properties they will consider purchasing. Knowing ahead of time what these criteria are and whether or not your home fits them will help save you time when figuring out the best way to sell your home.

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