Our team gets to help Ms. Sheka start a new chapter in her life by purchasing her home and we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve her. Ms. Sheka had people calling her trying to pose that they were “helping” her only to essentially be a scam and steal money out of her account. Always be super careful and do your research with anyone you do business with. If you can’t find them online or they don’t have Google reviews don’t do business with them. We will be purchasing this home, doing some work and putting on the open market. Let us know how we can help you or if you know anyone that has a home we can purchase.
Here’s a property we are purchasing from an individual who purchased this home just 2.5 years ago. Overall the property is in good condition and the owner is selling because they decided it isn’t enough space for their whole family. The owner has a very demanding job which keeps him from being able to go to the house to make repairs and sell it the normal route through a realtor which can sometimes take time. In this particular case since it was recently bought the house value compared to what is owed is fairly close so after real estate commissions and fees not much money would go in his pocket. We created a solution around his needs and will pay him more money for it than he could have gotten through a realtor without any fees. You’re probably asking yourself how can this be done? Here’s how. We pay him the $ he wants and he allows us to pay for the home over a period of time just like you do at the bank. He never has to worry about the mortgage payment he currently has because we pay that and we also pay him $ on top of that each month which he can do whatever he wants with. At the end of the day he gets the price he wants without ever having to manage it again and we get to purchase a property by not having to pay for it all at once. We assume all maintenance responsibilities and are fully liable for everything. We would love to serve you and craft a solution around your needs, not a cookie cutter model.
Excited to wrap up the week with another property we just got under contract in Pickens.
Interesting story: This is a property that an investor owns who hasn’t been by the property in a couple years. When a couple pictures were sent their way they couldn’t believe all the stuff that was in the home. The last thing they wanted to do was get everything out themselves since they are older and not capable of doing it themselves.
The solution: Buy it as is, expedite the closing so they have one less thing to worry about, work with the tenants after closing and handle the clean out of the property. .If you have a similar situation like this with a property of yours or know someone who does, we would LOVE to be the solution.
Rental properties can be a GREAT investment but unfortunately tenants do mess up properties from time to time.
Here’s a recent property that we have under contract and will be closing out on in a couple weeks. Most would think, why doesn’t the homeowner just fix it up and rent out? Great question! This landlord is in their late 70’s and has rented this property for over 15 years and is at the point where they don’t want the hassle of fixing it up, screening new tenants and managing a rental again. We are grateful that we get the opportunity to help this family, take away some stress in their life and ultimately provide them more happiness since they will never have to put more energy, time or money into this property again.
After 3.5 months of staying in touch with this homeowner and family in Inman, SC we were able to come up with an agreement to be able to purchase the property. Sometimes you as the homeowner don’t know exactly when you want to sell your property or what the best option is and we are happy for you to take however much time you need so that you feel great about your decision. If you ever feel pressured into doing business with anyone it may not be a bad decision to look into other local companies that are more understanding of your timeframe and needs.

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